BD-i Tiaramaking May Challenge Bundle


Apologies for the late post regarding the BD-i Tiaramaking May challenge bundle, I posted earlier about the bundle but didn’t share my make, BD-i challenge bundle.

It’s a gorgeous bundle from BD-i and astounding value at £5, the pendant alone I’m sure would cost more than £5. I kept the design of the necklace quite simple for this piece because I adore the Butterfly pendant and wanted the focus on the pendant.



Please pop on over to BDI-i Tiaramaking and check out their products, and don’t let the name mislead you it’s not just about tiaras they have so much more, and the outlet section of the website has some amazing diamanté pendants, kilo bundles of findings and a variety of beads at brilliant prices.


Kambaba Jasper Micro Macramé Pendant


I’ve been busy with several projects recently, which I’ll be adding to the blog shortly, and this is one my recent makes. This cabochon was part of my Xmas pressies from my Mum & Dad. I  gave them a long list of goodies I wanted, so they could pick & choose from the list, and even though I knew what I’d put on the list it was still a lovely surprise on Xmas Day because I didn’t know what items had be ordered 🙂

This cab is from Spoilt Rotten Beads, Kambaba Jasper is a stone I’ve not used before and I love it, the patterning and colour is beautiful. I’ve got a lovely Opalite cab waiting to be wrapped but I can’t decide what colour(s) to use, it has a beautiful glow and lots of colour flash, decisions, decisions!!!!


Micro Macramé Necklace with Agate cabochon


My latest make, over the weekend, an agate cabochon macramé wrapped with macramé necklace. My shoulder is still giving me trouble so I have to pace myself or I will end up not being able to do any jewellery making at all, aargh!!!! I’ve visited the doctors and am waiting on shoulder exercises to help it, not physio but written instructions?? Will have to see how I go on I suppose, fingers crossed 🙂

I’ll be adding a blog post later day about my macramé work station, my shoulder trouble would be seriously aggravated if I didn’t have my current set-up.

Micro Macramé Donut Necklace Tutorial



100″ purple 1mm waxed polyester cord x 2

140″ cream 1mm waxed polyester cord x 1

8″ purple 1mm waxed polyester cord x 1

Donut stone (31mm)


Step by Step Instructions









1. Fold cream cord in half and attach to the donut using a reverse larks head knot ( reverse LHK).

















2. Make a half hitch knot (HHK) on each side of the reverse LHK.



















3. Take one of you purple cords and fold at 30″, so you will have 30″ and 70″ cords, and attach to the donut using a reverse LHK, it is important to have the shorter, 30″, on the far left and far right when attaching to the donut. The 30″ cord becomes the lazy strand in the half square knot necklace section, the shorter, 30″, cord will be cord 1 and 6, if you numbered you cords from left to right.
















4. Using the 8″ purple cord, make slip knot in one end of the cord, approx 2/3″ from the end, pin the slip knot securely to your board. This cord will be used as the lazy strand for the row of Double Half Hitch knots (DHHK), going from left to right.



















5. Using the same lazy strand from the previous row, make a row of DHHKs going from right to left. 


















6. Using the same lazy strand from the previous row, make a row of DHHKs going left to right. The lazy strand now becomes redundant and is no longer used, you can finish the cord ends by trimming and melting the ends to seal, if using waxed polyester or nylon cord, or you can glue and trim the ends.

















7. Spilt the cords into two groups of 3 cords, make a diagonal row of DHHK with each group, join the rows using two centre cords with a DHHK.
















8. Make a second row of diagonal DHHK using each group of cords, again join the two rows with the centre cords using a DHHK. 




















9. The necklace section is made using a half square knot, using three strands – two working cords and one lazy strand, for each side. The lazy strand is the shorter cord in the three cords remaining on each side of the knotted bail.

My necklace section measured approximately 12″, each side, and if you want a longer necklace there is sufficient cord to make it a little longer. 

To finish the necklace you could make a sliding clasp, so you have an adjustable necklace, or use ribbon cord ends, as I did in the green version, or you could attach the remaining cords to closed jump rings using vertical larks head knot.







I hope you find the tutorial useful and if you do make your own version please drop me a line, I’d loved to see your makes 🙂

Labradorite pendant


My latest micro macramé pendant, the stone is a beautiful labradorite cabochon the photo sadly doesn’t show the flashes of blue & gold coming from the stone. I had intended to make the pendant symmetrical but decided that it would look to much like an eye but will be doing an eye shape with another small cab to make a brooch or bracelet.

Anyone wanting to try wrapping a cabochon or stone with macramé, check out my earlier blog post Micro Macramé, where to begin?  there several links to some very useful tutorials on how to get to started.