Tattered Lace 2014 Festive dies


I’m a little late with my post for the launch of the new Tattered Lace dies, Festive dies 2014 and Country Garden dies, over on Create and Craft. My gorgeous little dog, Merlin, was feeling very unwell last night and we had to make a visit to the emergency vet. Fortunately, nothing too serious, but it did mean me and hubby got bed sometime around 3am so had roughly 3 hrs sleep!! Merlin still unwell but he has had some antibiotics and a painkiller, plus some meds to take over the next few days. He is feeling better than he did last night, he’s usually bounding around everywhere but very quiet at the moment but he is definitely on the mend.

So back to the gorgeous new dies from Tattered Lace, I received the Krystal die, border & corner, some of the Festive Foral dies and the text die “Winter Wishes” from the exclusive Festive edition of the Tattered Lace magazine for Create and Craft.

You can find more great designs and inspiration over on the Tattered Lace FB page too.





















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