Micro Macramé Necklace with Agate cabochon


My latest make, over the weekend, an agate cabochon macramé wrapped with macramé necklace. My shoulder is still giving me trouble so I have to pace myself or I will end up not being able to do any jewellery making at all, aargh!!!! I’ve visited the doctors and am waiting on shoulder exercises to help it, not physio but written instructions?? Will have to see how I go on I suppose, fingers crossed 🙂

I’ll be adding a blog post later day about my macramé work station, my shoulder trouble would be seriously aggravated if I didn’t have my current set-up.


5 thoughts on “Micro Macramé Necklace with Agate cabochon

  1. sindhoooo says:

    Absolutely superb! I was thinking of making a jewelry using Lapis Lazuli stones I bought recently. Looking at this masterpiece, I wish to make something like this! Could you please tel me what would be the time taken to do this?

    Feeling very sorry about your shoulder. Get well soon!

    The Arts & Me


    • jewellerygail says:

      Thank-you Sindho, it probably took approx 3-4 hours. I don’t take much note of the time to make a piece, I get caught up the process. I don’t sell my pieces so it’s not a worry whilst it’s a hobby but if I ever decide to start selling I’ll have to be a bit more observant about the time taken to make designs.


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