Macramé work station & equipment


I thought it might be useful to share my “macramé work station”, it has saved me some serious discomfort, even before my shoulder troubles!!

I’m sure anyone who has done macramé at some point has encountered the tight neck and sore back from hunching over their projects, it is important to make sure your sitting comfortable and not leaning over your project or you will no doubt end up in some discomfort.

I usually do my macramé sat on the settee so just resting my macramé board on my knee results in me hunching over the board, so I invested in an artists easel and it is so much more comfortable to do my knotting. I got my easel from Hobbycraft, when they had a half price sale on for roughly £18, it’s light weight so it will sit on my knee without crushing my legs and can hold my macramé board horizontally or vertically depending on the project and I can adjust the tilt of the board easily. This is the easel I use,, you’ll find this style much cheaper in other retailers but as I said earlier I got mine when they were on sale.


I also have a clip on LED light, purchased from Argos I did think about  buying a daylight lamp but as I actually have two already, table lamps not clip on models, it didn’t seem worth it expense wise for me. I do my colour matching and planning with my table lamp and use the LED light purely to make sure I can see my knotting clearly. The plug for the light has a little jack so I can wrap the cord up on my board, when I’m not using it, without the plug clunking about.

If you don’t fancy using an easel for your macramé, I’d recommend you do put something under your macramé board to put it at a comfortable slant. I had a piece of foam, recycled from packaging, not sure what its called its not styrofoam though, which hubby cut into an elongated triangle to rest my board on, great when at a table but not great when sat on the settee.


My other essentials for my macramé –

Macramé board, I use the Beadsmith board but there are different types available and you can even make your own, there are tutorials on the web.

Pins, lots of pins, I tend to use dressmaker pins. I do have some T-pins but prefer the dressmakers pins, I’ve found the T-pins too chunky for the cords I use and I always seem to catch my thread in the T, damaging the cord.

Fray Block & fabric glue, I use these when finishing projects made using C-Lon cord. I apply both using a paint brush so I don’t apply too much and it goes exactly where I want it. I apply the Fray Block first before trimming any cords, when it’s completely dry I trim the cords and then apply the fabric glue.

Thread snips or super sharp pointy scissors.


Do you have any tips for macrame, I loved to hear from my fellow knotters 🙂






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