Selling Free Tutorials????

I recently came across a situation which surprised me. A person created a photo tutorial based on a free tutorial from YouTube, whilst this is not unusual, the person redoing the tutorial was considering selling the tutorial!!! I have used many tutorials, some free and some from books I’ve purchased, and have found them a great help. When I have used a tutorial I give credit to the person and either mention the book I used or provide a link to the tutorial. I would think when a person has been good enough to spend time and effort providing a free tutorial that if recreating the tutorial then permission should be sought, due credit given and a link to the original is provided and that the recreated tutorial is free. It would not occur to me to sell a tutorial based on someone else’s work, I raised the matter with the person thinking of selling the tutorial and they did say they wouldn’t be selling the tutorial because they agreed it would be unfair but as I said early it wouldn’t have crossed my mine to sell a tutorial based on someone else’s work, am I alone in this belief????

Use of tutorials, whether they are from books, magazines, on-line, free or paid for, can be confusing some designers state they are from personal use, some allow you to teach others, some allow you to sell the jewellery you have made (some with restrictions, some with no restrictions), it can be mind boggling but if in doubt check with the designer who created the tutorial.


Thank you for taking the time to comment, it's much appreciated. I read them all and I love hearing from everyone :)

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