Macrame Wrapped Hematite Cabochon Pendant


My latest piece a macramé wrapped hematite cabochon, I had intended making a macramé necklace to hang the pendant but have decided it will probably be better on a plain black leather cord or a black kumihimo braid. The pendant is a statement piece it’s roughly 8.5cm x 7.5cm so thought it best to keep the necklace simple . Not the best photo I know, hematite is not easy to photograph, will have to try and get a better picture later.

Anyone interested in wrapping cabochons using macramé should check out the links in my earlier post Micro Macramé, where to begin? which has several links to tutorials showing techniques for a macramé wrap.


Micro Macramé, where to begin?

There is more and more interest growing in macramé techniques and fortunately there are lots of resources available both free and paid available on on-line and some excellent books available. I thought I’d share macramé resources that I’ve found helpful.   This website has information on macramé knots plus lots of patterns, for jewellery, accessories & home decor. Definitely well worth checking out.  I bought Annika’s book on micro macramé jewellery and was hooked, it has plenty of full colour photos of the stages and the accompanying text is well written and easy to follow. The website also has a free pattern for a choker necklace.  Donna designs beaded micro macramé jewellery tutorials available for purchase, there are also a couple of free patterns to give you a taster and a very useful Basics Guide, which includes knots, tips & techniques for finishing macramé etc, well worth taking a look at. Lots of macramé tutorials, you’re bound to find a design you want to try, the vids are in Spanish, and although my Spanish is little to non existent, found them very easy to follow. The website has explanations of the knots and some patterns, there is a pattern for a stunning macramé butterfly which I’ve not tried yet but it’s on my to do list.


Lubcho Macramé a couple of really useful video tutorials, one from wrapping a cabochon/stone with no holes and one for a macramé ring which is very useful not only for the ring tutorial but the technique can be used with any drilled bead and used for lots of jewellery designs not just rings. A very useful blog about macramé which includes several projects to try.


Macramé Pattern Book, Marchen Art I recently purchased this book and am finding it very useful, the link is to Amazon but you check out other sites for the book just added the link so people knew exactly which book I was referring to.


Micro Macramé Jewelry by Joan R. Babcock This is a great book, my only negative comment about the book is it is black & white drawings rather than colour photos, having said that I would still recommend it (although for a beginner I would say Annika deGroot’s book is the best to start with). Joan has a wonderful eye for colour and her pieces are truly inspiring, her book Wired Micro Macramé Jewelry book is on my wish list.  Kristine has several books available on micro macramé, I’ve got a couple, found them very helpful. Whilst I would buy further books by Kristine, I would prefer to see larger photos & improved layout in the books, the books all appear to be around the 32 page mark and sometimes the tutorials seemed squashed to fit into the 32 pages. Kristine also has some video tutorials on her website for macramé knots plus individual tutorials for sale. 


Well I hope that has given you some ideas on how to get started but leave a comment if you have any questions and I’ll do my best to help.

Sunglasses at the ready, Neon Micro Macramé Bracelets




A couple of bracelets not quite finished yet, eyes & hands do not to play together to attach the other part of the bar so have put them in WIP box for now. Very simply pattern but it looks very effective, even when using less vivid colours – I’ve a blue version posted on an earlier blog post. These are made using the new neon colours from C-Lon, I found the cord came off the spools with less curl than other colours I’ve used and also found it felt softer.

Selling Free Tutorials????

I recently came across a situation which surprised me. A person created a photo tutorial based on a free tutorial from YouTube, whilst this is not unusual, the person redoing the tutorial was considering selling the tutorial!!! I have used many tutorials, some free and some from books I’ve purchased, and have found them a great help. When I have used a tutorial I give credit to the person and either mention the book I used or provide a link to the tutorial. I would think when a person has been good enough to spend time and effort providing a free tutorial that if recreating the tutorial then permission should be sought, due credit given and a link to the original is provided and that the recreated tutorial is free. It would not occur to me to sell a tutorial based on someone else’s work, I raised the matter with the person thinking of selling the tutorial and they did say they wouldn’t be selling the tutorial because they agreed it would be unfair but as I said early it wouldn’t have crossed my mine to sell a tutorial based on someone else’s work, am I alone in this belief????

Use of tutorials, whether they are from books, magazines, on-line, free or paid for, can be confusing some designers state they are from personal use, some allow you to teach others, some allow you to sell the jewellery you have made (some with restrictions, some with no restrictions), it can be mind boggling but if in doubt check with the designer who created the tutorial.

Beading Friends Forever September Challenge


Time for the next challenge over on Beading Friends Forever, as always two challenges a tutorial and a theme. This months theme is Anything Goes so you can pick any jewellery technique, design, colour etc you like, I made a micro macramé pendant and necklace. The pendant is made following a tutorial for Annika deGroot’s book on micro macramé, anyone thinking of trying micro macramé I’d definitely recommend this book, good clear photos and written instructions. This months tutorial challenge is a Beaded Cocktail Ring, by beadifulnights, check out the BFF challenge blog to see the cocktail rings created by the challenge design team following the tutorial. The winner of the challenge, chosen at random, receives a £15 voucher to spend at Beads Direct, full details of the rules etc can be found on the BFF challenge blog.