Micro Macrame Pendant with Green Adventurine bead


My latest make, it’s been a while since I made a micro macrame pendant and I found a really useful tutorial by Moises Castro, it’s actually for a ring but I used the technique to wrap the bead and just used longer cords to make the pendant. A very useful technique which I will be able to use in lots of ways, so a big thanks to Moises Castro for sharing 🙂

I used 1mm waxed polyester cord, this cord is a new purchase and I’m loving it. I’ll still use C-Lon cord, my usual go to cord for micro macrame & beaded kumihimo, but the waxed cord is my new fav 🙂 You can find waxed polyester cord at Knotting Ways


All at Sea Micro Macrame Bracelet

A couple of micro macrame bracelets, these were a result of just playing around the cords. I love the wave in the centre, hence the All at Sea name 🙂 The bracelets were made with C-Lon cord and 8mm beads. I posted them on FB and received a lot of compliments and queries about how to make, so I did a quick and basic tutorial on how to make the pattern. I will be adding the tutorial on another post because there are a few photos, the tutorial is here All at Sea Micro Macrame bracelet tutorial

Thee tutorial is for the pattern only I didn’t include pictures of how to do the knots or how to finish the bracelet, you need information on the knots or how to finish macrame I would recommend you check out http://www.free-macrame-patterns.com/



Micro Macrame Bracelets

I’ve been missing for a while, naughty blogger, but I’m back and thought I kick off with some recent micro macrame makes. 

The purple bracelet was made using c-lon cord and some beautiful matt seed beads, which although matt have this beautiful glow to them.

The aqua bracelet is made using my newest find waxed polyester cord, not that easy to get from a UK supplier. This is a 1mm waxed polyester cord and I’m loving the it, you can Settanyl waxed polyester cord from Knotting Ways. This bracelet was made from the wave pattern at Free Macrame Patterns website, I adapted the pattern because I wanted a slightly different look but essential the pattern is the same.

Anyone looking for macrame supplies in the UK I would recommend them to try Knotting Ways, lots of brilliant goodies for macrame and excellent customer service.