Beading Friends Forever – May Challenge




Well I’m very late with my post about the Beading Friends Forever May Challenge, two challenges to join in with as usual, don’t forget you can enter both or just one but join in whatever you decide. All entries are in with a chance to win £15 to spend at Beads Direct.

The wire wrap pendant above is my piece for the theme challenge ‘Make a Pendant’ and the bracelet was made for the tutorial challenge Embellished Ladder Stitch bracelet. The tutorial link is on the Beading Friends Forever challenge blog or you can click on Ladder Stitch Embellished bracelet, thanks to Aunties Beads for the great tutorial. You may have noticed from my blog posts I’m hooked on wire at the moment and have a love hate relationship with fireline and needles, whilst I am in awe of my fellow jewellerymakers who have mastered bead stitching and love the results, I seem to spend a lot of time cursing my progress with bead stitching but I have to say this bracelet has been my favourite stitched jewellery piece and may even make another one, maybe it’s becoming more love and less hate of needles and fireline!!!


Thank you for taking the time to comment, it's much appreciated. I read them all and I love hearing from everyone :)

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