Labradorite Wire Wrap Pendant







My latest wire wrap piece, a wire wrapped labradorite gemstone with SP spacer beads. I love, love, love labradorite, it’s a gemstone I’d never heard of until last year and it has to be one of my fav semi-precious gemstones. The piccie doesn’t do the stone any justice, labradorite has this beautiful eye catching labradorescence which basically means when light hits the stone it can have a wonderful play of colour including blue, green, yellow, violet, red and orange, this stone has wonderful flashes of blue. 


I’m off to check out my Tool Magic results, Tool Magic is a product to use on your pliers to prevent marks and damage to your wire. As I’m still learning wirework I use mainly silver plated, gold plated or coloured copper, I also have some bare copper wire for oxidising, and I can be a bit heavy handed and take some of the plating or colour off at times. I’m hoping the Tool Magic will help with the problem, I’ll let you know how I get on.






7 thoughts on “Labradorite Wire Wrap Pendant

      • whisperingiris says:

        I didn’t think I would like it, but wanted to make my own beads to add originality to my work. I wanted to try polymer clay, but don’t have the space for all the stuff, so I opted for paper beads instead! Easy cleanup, never hard to find paper.


      • jewellerygail says:

        I’ve been in paper crafts for years so I have a stash to make paper beads, makes a change don’t have to buy anything 🙂 I’ve tried polymer clay but not done a lot, the think that puts me off the bead making is the sanding of each bead!! I definitely want to do more polymer clay but maybe I’ll stick to larger pieces like pendants to avoid a lot of sanding.


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