Wire play day!!



Had a wire play day yesterday, wire wrapping is not a difficult technique but it is a technique that can only be learned with practice, practice and more practice. I now have a nice stash of wire, coloured copper and bare copper, so I can just sit and play around and experiment without thinking if I ruin this wire I’ve wasted the wire and my time. I don’t like wasting wire but even if I don’t like the finished result it hasn’t been totally disastrous because I’ve learned from the whole exercise. I’ve used a number of tutorials on the web and also have some DVDs and books on wirework and have found them really useful for learning techniques but I want to move on and make my own designs. The pendants above are the result of playing around, I didn’t  have a fixed idea about how I wanted the pieces to look, I just wrapped, wove, twirled and coiled and whilst I’m not thrilled with the end pieces I’ve had fun making them and learned more about wirework.

The copper wire pendant doesn’t looked great to me but it won’t be going in the scrap pile just yet, I’m going to have a play with, my recently purchased, Swellegant patinas and I’ll post the results when I’m done!!

The wire wrapped stone I’m just not loving it so I will be taking it apart and trying again.


Thank you for taking the time to comment, it's much appreciated. I read them all and I love hearing from everyone :)

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