Wire Wrap Pendant


I decided to revisit wire wrapping undrilled gemstones, I’ve attempted these in the past with limited success but decided it was time to try again. The principals of wire wrapping an undrilled gemstone are relatively simple, however, you need two pairs of hands when you begin the piece. This is not perfect by any means but I have to say I’m feeling very pleased with myself coz the gemstone is sitting very snug in the wire frame, were my previous attempts have resulted in wobbly stones, so I’ve definitely improved. 



2 thoughts on “Wire Wrap Pendant

    • jewellerygail says:

      Thank-you, glad I’m not alone with struggling with undrilled stones, question is can I do it again!! I’ve got a tub of undrilled gemstones so I do need to get to grips with the technique. Let us know how you get on 🙂


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