Diamanté Macramé Bracelet


My latest make from my BD-i Tiaramaking design team pack, I’m a jeans and t-shirt girl for day to day wear so I don’t usually think to wear diamanté jewellery during the day so I wanted to a design that incorporated the diamanté trim but was suitable for wearing with a casual outfit.

The bracelet was made using the 3mm diamanté trim with end clasp & the AB glass bugle beads from BD-i, plus a lobster claw clasp and 0.5mm nylon cord from my stash.



I’ve put together some basic instructions to make the bracelet . I made a 7 1/2″ bracelet, if you want to make a different size cut the diamanté trim accordingly, I allow approx an 1″ for the closure so for a 7 1/2″ bracelet I cut a 6 1/2″ length of diamanté trim.

1. Cut a length of diamanté trim and attach the end clasps to both ends of the trim.

2. You need 54″ of the cord of your choice, I used C-lon nylon cord 0.5mm.

3. Thread on 10 of the AB bugle beads fold over the cord at the centre to create the loop closure, thread on the diamanté trim onto the two cords. The diamanté trim will act as the lazy strand and the cord will be used to make the square knots.

4. Create square knots to secure the loop and cover the diamanté end clasp, the number of square knots will vary depending on the thickness of the thread and how tight you knot, I only need 2 square knots to cover the end clasp.

5. The square knots are now going encompass the diamanté sections, the cords are laid at the sides of the diamanté and you make square knot below. I only needed one square knot between each diamanté, you continue with the square knots until you reach the end of the diamanté trim.

6. Once at the end of diamanté trim slide the two cords into the diamanté end clasp, then thread on your lobster claw clasp and tie an overhand knot to secure. I like to add a little clear nail polish to the knot, for added security, leave overnight to dry then trim the ends.

If you’ve never tried micro macramé before you can find tutorials for the basic knots and jewellery patterns over on  


The square knot tutorial



I’m going to make a few more of these, I think I’ll look really nice stacked up with different colour cords 🙂



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