Double Band Tiara – BD-i Tiaramaking






Well have you guys missed me, have had a few odd weeks that meant I’ve not had time to post on the blog.

Back to blogging and my first make from the BD-i Tiaramaking design team pack. I’ve started with a tiara, I usually make a headband style when using a double band tiara base but decided to try something else this time. I started the tiara by making the twisted vines using 0.4mm silver wire and the AB Cut Glass Bugle Beads then added these to the centre of the top band of the tiara, I then added the 8mm Clear Glass Crackled beads between the top and bottom band of the tiara base. To finish the tiara, I added the Diamante trim to the top and bottom of the tiara base. You can see that I don’t add beads all the way to the end of the tiara base because I found that when the tiara is positioned on the head it can be uncomfortable taking the wrapping all the way to the end, if the wearer is very sensitive you can also wrap ribbon to help cushion the ends. I had some fun trying to get piccies of the finished tiara, the flare from the beads and diamantes was a struggle but that tells you how much the beads pick up the light. If you need supplies for the your own tiara or jewellery, check out


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