Gossiping Goddess Bracelet


A bracelet I made last night but unable to finish coz I’ve no gold lobster claw clasps in my stash!!!! Oh well I’ll just have to go  to the bead shop for supplies 🙂

Another make following a tutorial I’d found on the net, a tutorial from The Gossiping Goddess blog.


Very easy to follow tutorial and a design that can look very different depending on your cord, bead and findings selection and can be also be used for necklaces too.


3 thoughts on “Gossiping Goddess Bracelet

  1. Blombos (@marceymakes) says:

    I love making Gossiping Goddess bracelets as well! I have created a tutorial to make a Quad Tohoma Bracelet based on the double strand bracelet. Its a lovely chunky bracelet and very easy to make. You can check out my tutorial on my blog bcreativelyhappy.com. Thanks Marcella. X


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